Engineering Insurance Conference

The 46th Annual Engineering Insurance Conference was held on October 3, 2019. The presentations from the conference are posted below. The 47th Annual Engineering Insurance Conference will be held on October 7, 2020 at Vantage Venues, 150 King Street West, Toronto. For further information, or if you would like to suggest a topic or presentation for the conference, please email us at

History of the Conference

The first Engineering Insurance Conference ("EIC") was held in Toronto in 1973. The idea for the conference originated with Eric Monks, President of The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada and Mervyn Venn, Director, Engineering and Technical Services, Royal Insurance Company, with input from Les Naylor of BI&I and Norman Scothorne of Royal Insurance. It was felt that a forum was required for the companies writing Boiler and Machinery business to share their expertise, knowledge and experience in engineering issues. The first EIC was chaired by Eric Monks and was attended by approximately forty attendees. In 2018, the EIC celebrated its 45th anniversary with ninety attendees.

2019 Presentations

Energy Storage a Game Changer (PDF)

Future of Engineering Insurance (PDF) 

In Service Weld Repair of a Flare Stack (PDF)

Welding and Repair Technology for Power Plants (PDF)

2018 Presentations

Boiler and PV Regulatory Changes (PDF)

Leadership in the Eye of the Storm (PDF) 

Let's Get Technical: Cyber Risks and Insurance Implications (PDF)

Metallography... But Without Destroying It (PDF)

Tailings Storage Facilities: From Recent Lows to New Heights (PDF)

2017 Presentations

Tornadoes and Houses: Re-visiting Residential Construction Practice (PDF)

Future of Energy in Ontario (PDF) 

Welcome to the Future: Introducing Insurance to Blockchain (PDF)

ICLR’s Natural Hazard Research: The Next Five Years (PDF)

Understanding Electrical Equipment and Conditions of Increased Risk (PDF)

2016 Presentations

From Katrina to Fort McMurray: The Post-Disaster Economy and Business Interruption Coverage (PDF) 

High-rise Wood Structures: A New Frontier in Engineering (PDF) 

Asset Performance Management & The Digital Power Plant (PDF) 

2009 Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro Disaster (PDF) 

Condition Monitoring in the Wind Industry, Relevant Technologies, and its Importance (PDF) 

Managing Risk Through Reliability-Centred Maintenance (PDF) 

2015 Presentations

3D Printing: An Overview (PDF) 

Drones: Business Opportunity or Disruptor? (PDF) 

Lac-Mégantic: "Oh, mon Dieu." (PDF) 

The Sultana Boiler Explosion: A Cold Case Study (PDF) 

The National Board: An Overview (PDF) 

2014 Presentations

Effects of Wind on Houses (PDF) 

Global Changes & Catastrophic Losses (PDF) 

Mill and Kiln Gear Inspections (PDF) 

Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (PDF) 

2013 Presentations

Failure of a Geological Pressure Vessel (PDF) 

Hydroelectric Turbine Applications (PPT) 

What is an Explosion? (PPT) 

2012 Presentations

Investigating HVAC Failures (PDF) 

Loss Remediation to Prevent Equipment Deterioration (PDF) 

Solar Photovoltaic Design & Installation (PDF) 

Underground Cable Risk and Testing (PDF) 

Waste Energy Recovery (PDF) 

2011 Presentations

The Risks of Solar Storms (PDF) 

Ammonia Contamination: Where does it end? (PDF) 

Niagara Tunnel Review (PDF) 

Engineering/Science of Multiple Sources of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Releases (PDF) 

Hydrocarbon Forensics (PDF) 

Mining and Business Interruption (PDF) 

Integrated Technical & Financial Approach to Large Losses (PDF) 

2010 Presentations

Green Buildings - Risks and Rewards (PDF) 

Boiler Generating Bank Inspections (PDF) 

Business Interruption Claims (PDF) 

Carbon Credit Markets (PDF) 

Evolving Risks of Data Storage (PDF)